Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Make an Autumnal Arrangement?

Because summer is long gone we need to find some other reason to live :) Just kidding, I know many of you adore the colours of autumn, the celebrations of winter, or the discreet scents of spring. I for one prefer the warm hugs of the summer sun no matter how warm and dry they are :)

Here's something that made my dark autumn days happier - an arrangement made from chestnuts, acorns, dried up leaves and cones, each of them handpicked when I was out walking my 6 month old baby girl. We had loads of fun gathering the most beautiful items and then shopping for some more decorations such as orange paper, straws and tiny mushrooms.

To make a similar arrangement, you need:
- a few chestnuts, acorns, leaves and cones
- a small basket (or you can make your own out of felt - I will show you that in my next posts)
- colourful wrapping paper (I chose orange because it feels very autumnish)
- decorative straws and tiny mushrooms bought from your local flower shop

Step 1:
Take your colourful paper and cut it so it fits your container

Step 2:
Place your "ingredients" carefully in the container

Step 3:
Cut the straws and ad them as well

There you have it: 

Place it wherever it makes you smile and don't throw it away. You might need it for the winter arrangements as well!

Have a happy autumn!

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