Wednesday, April 30, 2014


An outfit for every you, at the beach: the Boho, relaxed you, the classy you, the "pure" you,

the oriental you...

Bring on the SUMMER!!!!!!

Colourful satin short skirts, elastic waistbands. Wear them with a lot of bracelets and playful earings. Put on a turban while you're at it, spice it up with a pair of thread platforms or comfortable flip-flops and throw your beach essentials in a wonderful hand-crafted beach bag.



An elegant way to make an entrance on the beach or at the hotel swimming pool. Semicloche skirt made from cotton and silk. You can successfully wear this on a night out or during the day, when you shop for souveniers at the bazaar. Just change the accessories and you have a fresh look every time.

Beach look:
golden/turquoise brasiere, wedges, or flip-flops, white turban and lots of accessories

Daytime look:
big straw hat, fine shirt, wooden necklaces or big kitschy gold ones, platforms or flip-flops and a big bag to house your shopping.

Evening  look:
comb your hair, make a nice relaxed due, put on a silky top, wear elegant bronze sandals and a teenie, tiny straw clutch (fuchsia, if available)


Don't be afraid to go all white. You won't look like a nurse if you keep in mind you need quality details. Skirt made from embroidered cotton. Wear all white accessories: white beads, white rings, white turban, white crochet sun bag and white sandals. 

Turkish pants, elastic at the waist and at the hem. Vintage top

Turkish pants, a little less large.

Silk beach robe in blue and yellow

Silk beach robe in black, white and orange

Veil beach tops

White cotton top

Ruffled sun dress

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Wish you all Happy Easter! Enjoy your time spent together and recharge your batteries for future challenges!