Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dolce Primavera

Delicate, vaporous, pink - that's what springtime is like, right? well my Spring is contrasting, decisive, precise and ... sweet.

Silk veil dress, V neck, A line skirt

Wool jacket

Silk veil top and grey checkered pencil skirt

Short light grey jacket with a decoration on the right

Silk veil top and sequin skirt

The decoration is made up of a piece of fabric and several buttons, handsewn.

Silk veil top and striped asymetric skirt

Brocade dress in yellow and white, handsewn flowers and beads.

the hand-embroidered belt

Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to Make Yarn Pom-Poms?

I mentioned in an earlier post that you can use several things to decorate a gift, such as fabric bows, twigs, tulle or even yarn pom-poms. I think it's time I showed you how to make your own yarn pom-poms.

You need:
- yarn
- a pair of scissors
- a bag for leftovers

Step 1
Take one strand and wrap it gently around four fingers, without making it too tight (you will still need to take your hand out). You can also combine strands of different colours and textures.

Step 2
When your wrapping gets about 3 cm thick, cut the strand and then cut another one about 20 cm long

Step 3
Take the wrap gently off your hand and use the 20 cm long strand to tie around it, right int the middle. Make sure you tie the knot very firmly.

Step 4
Use the scissors to cut through the wraped strands. Then adjust the shape of your pom-pom, make it look like a sphere. You will have a lot of leftovers and this is where the disposal bag comes in very handy. Just shape your pom-pom over the bag and you will have no problem with garbage once you finish making your yarn pom-pom.

Step 5
When you finish shaping your pom-pom, use your fingers to ruffle it up, just to make it look full and equal.

And there you have it! 

Congratulations! You have made your first yarn pom-pom! Now make the best of it and start decorating! Use it for table arrangements, gift wrappings or Christmas tree decorations

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Private Sales Christmas Party

Sarbatorile se apropie si nu ma pot gandi la un moment mai potrivit sa ne revedem, sa povestim ca-ntre prieteni, sa fim recunoscatori pentru toate realizarile anului ce sta sa treaca si sa privim impreuna catre viitor. 

Colectia speciala de sarbatori cu piese unicat, conceputa de Sabina Georgescu, va fi prezentata in premiera, exclusiv in Atelier Handmade Designs, fiind completata de accesorii aparte, create de Moda Mania (statement jewelry), Fandacsia (fantastic fascinators) si Olaru Laura (luxury leather). 

Toata colectia de Craciun si produsele din colectia de toamna-iarna vor beneficia de o reducere de 10% doar in ziua targului, la fel si comenzile primite in ziua respectiva.

Sarbatori Minunate!

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Christmas Delights

The Holidays are a time for joy and kindness...and red and green and black and lace and velvet and gold and embroidery and warmth and good times...

Silk veil dress with gold and red decoration and wide velvet bow

veil top and black cloche tutu

detail of the elastic waistband

detail of the flare sleeve

Pleated tartan skirt, very fine and delicate fabric. Striped veil top.

Wool dress with three red buttons sewn on the chest

Christmas polka dots on a cloches skirt with a tulle petticoat

veil top and skirt in black and silver with red details. tulle petticoat included

wool overcoat, double-faced

Striped veil dress with red details and lace embroidery sewn by hand on the chest.

detail of embroidery

detail of belt

Tartan cloche skirt with ethnic flowers sewn by hand

Black velvet and tulle dress 3/4 sleeves tulle and velvet bands at the back, hand embroidered belt.

Dark green cloche skirt with golden decorations. Organza petticoat underneath.

wool jersey colourful dress

green wool cloche skirt with yarn embroidery