Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winter Wonderful

Winter is all about thick fabrics and dark colours? Not necessarily! You can mix colours and fabrics to your own taste and not worry about the general opinion. Choose thicker fabrics in bright coulours that no one expects for winter, like yellow or orange or turquoise and accessorize to capture that warm winter feeling.

Turquoise Christmas

Skirt made of turquoise wool, enriched with embroidery sewn by hand. Several hundred beads have been sewn into the skirt between the layers of golden strands, black lace and soft black velour straps. Underneath the skirt there is the black petticoat with tulle for a better look. (sold)

Mrs. Christmas

Red festive skirt, perfect for the Christmas celebrations. It is 100% wool, with rich embroidery inspired by ethnic motifs. In the back there is a black bow. Available on demand.


Dark green skirt, 80% wool, rich embroidery on the bottom, executed by hand. Knee length. Available on demand.

Other types of festive skirts, decorated with beads and colourful strands:



Winter Sunset

Royal blue skirt, 100% wool. A ball of thread has been hand sewn onto the fabric 

Another example on a navy blue fabric:

Green Sparkles 

Pleated skirt from a green cloth with shiny inlays. 

Beige Embroidered Skirt

Pleated skirt with two overlapping parts. It is 80% wool. The colour is beige with very fine almost undetectable white lines. Machine embroidery on the pleats, enriched with white, red and black beads sewn by hand. There is a zipper in the back and a black ribbon to fix the waist. It has a silk underskirt to keep you warm and protect you from the "stings" of the cloth. (sold)

Ethnic Chic

A very playful skirt with an elastic waistband (6 cm wide). Metal coins, copper chains and textile flowers have been sewn by hand onto the cloth. The skirt has a white petticoat made from soft tulle. Available only on demand.

Crochet Magic

 Purple skirt (80% wool), with applications of crochet flowers of different sizes and rich embroidery with glass beads. The belt is 10 cm wide and it closes in the back in a corset fashion, with black velvet straps. (sold)

Checked Taffeta Dress



 Brocade dress. Pleated skirt, large ribbon on the side.


Pleated red skirt (100% wool), it can be adjusted to any waistline because it overlaps. In the front there is a machine embroidered element enriched with hand sewn glass beads. (sold)


Striped skirt, velvet applications sewn by hand. (available on demand)   


Pleated skirt (100% wool), knee length, complicated embroidery on the bottom with tulle and tinsel and beads, sewn by hand. (sold)


 Wool jersey dress. Fitted. It has two detachable floral details on the chest.The collar, sleeves and bottom are all enriched with black lace. (sold)

Happy Vest

Black wool vest.


Dark grey skirt (80% wool.


 Scottish style skirt, with a high waist and golden buttons in front.
 (available on demand)

Black Beauty

Black skirt, 100% wool, two layers, finished with black lace. 
(available on demand)


Pleated skirt with embroidery on the bottom.


Dark green wool skirt, with a bronze strand finishing and black velvet. 8 cm wide belt fitted in the back. (available on demand)

Fitted Vest

Black fitted asymmetrical vest (100% wool). In the front there is a ornament made from bows and pearly beads. (sold)

Double Skirt

Double sided cashmere skirt. In the front there is a velvet bow which can be placed on either side as a broach. (sold)

Embroidered Lady

Dark grey skirt (100% wool), hand sewn applications. You can adjust the waist in the back with a black satin ribbon.  (sold)

My Winter LBD

Black dress (100% wool). You can place a belt at the waist and give it an hourglass shape or wear it as it is. It is a simple cut that allows you to go crazy with your accessories. You can wear:
- a statement necklace, or multiple simple neckaces,
- a colourful scarf,
- an oversized ring and funky shoes
- more bracelets on one hand or on both hands....

(available on demand, also in grey)

Here is the same cut in a finer fabric:

Special McKenzie

Scottish style skirt, very wide at the bottom, with a high waist and a 8 cm wide belt. You can wear it with a fedora or a statement necklace. (sold)

Purple Sunset

 Purple dress with Christmas motifs (short sleeves embroidered by hand, Christmas trees sewn on the belt) 

Green Hills

Dark green dress, very comfortable fabric, golden tinsel on the bottom and around the neckline. The belt was handmade by folk artisans and can be found at the Romanian Peasant Museum. (sold)

Blue River

Bright blue skirt, 80% wool, with applications on the bottom.

Dark Grey Vest

 Dark grey vest with delicate embroidery on the chest.


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