Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Gown

I can't help it! :-)

I don't know what I expected but I think I wanted a little more. From what I gather, the details of the dress are extraordinary, but from afar the dress is not all that it could be. However, as others have said (others that continue to stubbernly compare Princess Kate to Lady Di) Kate's dress will stand the test of time as an elegant, pleasant dress while lady Di's dress seems a statement of the '80s, only beautiful at that time (if you ask me, not even then, but such was fashion then).

I liked the corset of the dress, a special cut, very feminine, very appropriate for the occasion and for the bride's body... I liked the veil and the tiara.

Kate's 70's look is part of her personal charm and the dress didn't express that. It was retro, that's true but not from the same period. There's something else a bride should never's not the dress that should be noticed at a wedding, but the bride in the dress! It has to appear to everybody that they were meant to be together (the bride and her dress), that the dress was made for her. I honestly saw Kate in something else, but we have to consider etiquette and the fact that it was not supposed to be too revealing.

Soon I'll post a few other royal dresses that I like and I will make a kind of top and you're welcome to comment on.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ethnic Vibes

I'm in love with national costumes everywhere. I find them exciting, concentrated, essential, representative for a certain lifestyle and a people. Overtime, I tried to include Romanian ethnic elements in my creations.