Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Breeze

What crosses your mind when you hear "summer"? I instantly connect the word "summer" to the beach and that hugging sensation of sun warming your body, but I also get that sweet taste of fresh cherries in my mouth and the relaxing notion of long days and short nights...This is what my summer clothes try to capture and inspire. So have a look!

Queen of Flowers

A happy floral skirt (100% cotton). Each flower on the print is enriched with hand sewn beads. White lace finishing. A very light and easy to wear skirt that is sure to turn heads! 


Black and white skirt, with uneven stripes and pockets that have been highlighted with a red bias. The skirt is very light and airy. (sold)

Striped Again

Another version of the striped skirt with applied pockets, this time highlighted with turquoise bias.


Floral skirt, 100% cotton, fuchsia cotton lace finishing at the bottom, knee length. 


White skirt with uneven and symmetrical pleats, 100% cotton, knee length. 

Peacock Skirt

Ample black and white skirt, 100% cotton, black beads sewn by hand on the hemline. Knee length. 

Reversed Peacock Skirt

Reversed colours, same skirt.

Fields of Provence

An elegant high waist skirt made from velvet brocade. There is a tulle petticoat underneath to give it this beautiful shape. The fabric reflects the light in different ways so that some parts of the skirt may appear darker than they actually are. (sold - cannot be redone!)


Mustard skirt, applied pockets embroidered with black and silver beads and tinsel. Knee length. 

Black and White

Black and white skirt, asymmetrical print, adjustable waistline with the help of a ribbon, strand of black beads sewn by hand on the hemline. 

Optical Illusion Skirt

A very light, cotton skirt with a black and white print, applied coral pockets and adjustable waistline. (sold)

Light As a Feather

Blue lace ruffle skirt.

Black Lace

 Black lace ruffle skirt with a black velvet elastic belt and an ornament made from several ribbons, velvet and beads. (sold)

Flowers Everywhere

A happy jersey skirt with a yellow real leather bow hand sewn on the belt. 

Gold Night

Jersey skirt, adjustable waist. Golden lace finishing and an ornament made from dark blue velvet and golden lace. Black petticoat.  


Fuchsia Fun

Three layered skirt. Adjustable waist. Polka dotted bow in the front. 

Blue Skirt

Blue cotton skirt, adjustable waist. White cotton lace and bronze tinsel strand finishing. 

Silver Cloud

Very delicate skirt, with discrete silver insertions, adjustable waist and white tulle petticoat underneath. 

Pink Spring

Baby pink skirt (100% wool). It overlaps therefore it suits many waistlines. It has a wide velvet belt and several furnishings (black velvet, white cotton lace, black lace). It's perfect for those earsly spring days when the weather outside is still cold. Unique - cannot be redone. (sold)

Ethnic Blue

  Blue cotton skirt with floral applications and a white lace furnishing on the hemline. There is a tulle petticooat underneath. (sold)

details of the flowers, the lace and the
bronze strand  - all sewn by hand

Wide dark grey skirt with white motifs (100% cotton). Each white circle has been embroidered with black tinsel and red beads. 4 cm wide belt. The coral jacket and the white shirt are just a suggestion, I didn't make those. (sold)

Vertical Stripes

 Striped cotton skirt.with adjustable waist.

Flowers and Stripes

Cotton skirt with a happy print in black and white stripes and pink flowers. 

Blue and Red

 Veil pleated skirt, with a high waist.


Etno Coral

Satin cotton coral skirt with a high waist. 5 black buttons in the front and cotton lace and ethnic strand finishing. Available only on demand

Pink Jungle

Pleated cotton skirt.


Very fine cotton skirt, with a white petticoat, hidden pockets. 


Very fine light blue cotton skirt. Easy to wear.

Jersey fitted dresses, several prints.






White Dove

60's inspiration dress made from white brocade.

Crochet Squares Dress

60's dress made from colourful dock.