A little while ago I realised that I wanted more from clothes, a different cut, a different colour. I even hoped they would not be plastic. Wouldn't it be great if they made belts for girls with 60 cm waistlines?

So I began altering everything I bought.

Then I thought to myself: "hey, that's a complete waste of time and money!" so I started to make them myself. The first few I sewed myself, by hand.

After I filled up my closet, I decided all girls should have the chance to create their own outfit, as they wish and not be slaves to great franchises that just sell overpriced merchandise. 

I offer fresh ideas on how your clothes and accesories should look like and promise quality fabrics, impecable execution and maximum attention to details and to your needs. 

Forget about xeroxed clothing and let me create unique designs, just for you.

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Love, :-)