Monday, October 18, 2010

Special Events...

Weddings, baptisms .... or just some special event you need to attend. Here are some ideas for a great outfit: 

Purple Diva

Light purple taffetta dress with hand-sewn embroidery on the shoulders and around the waist, silver lace. Cloche skirt, organza petticoat underneath.

view of the back

Silk will always have the upper hand on all other fabrics. A beautiful one-shoulder gown in purple silk veil will make you look ravishing wherever you choose to go. All eyes on you! Guaranteed!


Silk long skirt

Fifties Sweetheart

This outfit is composed of three elements: black velvet top, skirt made from multiple layers of tulle  and taffeta and a wide belt with a detachable bow of fuchsia taffeta.  
The best thing about a multiple piece outfit is the fact that one can combine the different pieces with other outfits. You practically have a blouse, a skirt and a belt which you can reuse on different occasions in the most ingenious combinations. (sold)

Luxurious Night

  Silk brocade pleated skirt with black velvet band applied on the hemline and a black velvet bow. Knee length. (sold)

Party Animal

100% silk dress, animal print, a deep "V" in the front and back, you can tie it with a belt or with a bow around the waistline. (sold)

Let's Go Out Tonight!

Black taffeta long skirt. 

Fringe Me!

Champagne dress made from silk fringes.

Silk taffeta skirt with hand sewn applications of golden lace. Other combinations are available on demand.

Hot Salsa!

 Short skirt made from black silk fringes, with an elastic waistband. 

Silver Cloud

Silver lace dress. It fits your curves and only goes with a pair of breathtaking shoes! 


"Cleopatra" style silk dress, with a belt that can be fixed wherever the client wants.

Princess dress with crystal tulle.

Dress with satin top and crystal tulle skirt. Red bow around the waist

Happy, delicate silk dress with a purple bow

Dark blue taffetta dress with an organza petticoat

Delicate veil dress with embroidery on the chest 

detailed embroidery

Silk and linen yellow sun flower dress with heavy embroidery at the neck and on the belt, sewn by hand

Dress in "psychedelic" brocade with olive green belt

Olive green taffeta dress, organza petticoat underneath, cap sleeves

Same dress, with a golden lace around the neckline and at the waist

Lilac taffeta skirt wih hand-sewn ornaments

Mustard dress with golden details 

Special occasions trenchcoat, made especially for early autumn, late spring events. Purple taffeta sash. Cloche skirt, petticoat underneath, hidden pockets and hidden closing system.

Silk brocade fitted dress, in gold and cream, with delicate bow at the waist, knee length.

White and gold silk brocade with ruffled organza skirt

Black and bronze silk brocade, simple straight dress, embroidered details on the shoulders

view of the back


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