Sunday, December 23, 2012

How To Make a Christmas Tree

Hey, everybody!

I guess by now you've managed to get yourself into the Christmas spirit and you are ready to start wrapping presents and decorating your home for Christmas. I thought of a simple "how to?" for you to celebrate the occasion. Maybe you are tired of cleaning after your Christmas tree every year when holiday fever is over, or maybe you don't have enough space in your apartment for a real or fake Christmas tree, or simply want something fresh this year. I wanna show you how to make a Christmas tree from cloth and tinsel, no bigger than a milk bottle that you can place anywhere in your home and won't leave you cleaning the house. You can reuse it every year or offer it.

Here's what you need:
  • two pieces of felt the size of an A4 paper (I got mine at a local supermarket, but you can find it in a stationary, or in a dry goods store)
  • an A4 paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • tinsel and beads

Step 1

You need to make a model and then place it onto the felt to cut the shape of your Christmas tree. Take your A4 paper and fold it in half. Then fold again on the diagonal of one half to create the side of the Christmas tree. After that fold again and cut. At the end you should have an isosceles triangle.

Step 2

Place your model on top of the two sheets of felt and pin it so it doesn't move when you cut. Then cut along the model.

Step 3

Sew the two pieces of felt together with your sewing machine or by hand. Put black thread on top and white thread down so that the thread doesn't show on the two pieces of felt. If you sew by hand, choose a thread that makes a nice contrast (silver, or gold). Sew only on the sides, about 2 cm from the margins. Do not sew the bottom of the tree.

Step 4

It's time to sew the beads on, by hand. Find your beads and tinsel at a local dry goods store or get them from old necklaces or dresses.

Step 5

Cut triangles with your scissors without cutting into the hemline. This will make your tree even more realistic. Wrap the silver tinsel around the tree.

Step 6

Place the tree on top of a water bottle or a deodorant and then show it off :))

Have a lovely Christmas! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Knitted Christmas

Two  of my most favourite activities around this time of year involve making Christmas decorations and wrapping presents. My theme this year is tiny bows made of tartan and wool, ethnic ribbons,white cotton lace and yarn pom-poms.

This is my special way to wish you all: "Happy Holidays" and a better New Year!