Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The city changes during summer. Working hours seem shorter and afterwards we do a lot of things (or so we should): we sip on a refreshing lemonade in a chic bistro, we strole around and observe urban art, we go to festivals or improvise a picnic. We are active, romantic, playful, creative. For each side of our personality we choose feminine outfits with expressive prints, from natural fibres, fine and delicate with retro vibes.  This summer is about new experiences, great people, rest and unique moments. This summer is about us.
I want to thank everyone who made this day possible:
Camelia Capitanu, a truly gifted person, model and muse
Eli Driu and Cosmin Somesan, wonder-making photographers
Veronica Stancu, our hospitable hostess at the most beautiful tea place in the city: Infinitea (https://www.facebook.com/ceainaria.infinitea?fref=ts) ,an oasis of silence and inspiration in the heart of the city with one of the most magical interbellic gardens in the country.
EnRose - stylish flower arrangements
Outfits available @ Atelier Handmade Designs, book your appointment @ 0742209629, M-F: 12:00-20:00