Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey there, fabulous!

Fashion&Vintage Fair
BE A STAR edition
6 noiembrie
Villa Rodizio, Str. I.L.Caragiale, Nr.32

            Just come&be fabulous and enjoy an awesome autumn shopping session!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Atypical Autumn

Sweet Secretary

"Sexy secretary", 50's inspired :-) 
Made from a light, slightly elastic fabric. It has a bow at the back of the neck.
Size: M

Happy Secretary

Dress made from a very delicate wool fabric, dark blue.

Stormy Flowers

Wool jersey dress, fitted, keeps you warm.

Crochet Collar Dress

Elegant dress made from thick fabric, with a crochet collar and a belt around the waist. The collar was created by Detotfelul Crochet (sold)

My Winter LBD

'60s dress, made from black wool fabric with read leather pockets and a hand sewn ribbon on the chest.


'60s dress made from turquoise wool with yellow real leather pockets and a detachable handmade flower on the chest. You can accessorize your dress with a collar (find them here).

Black Tutu with Pink Crochet Skirt 


Pink Tutu with Multicoloured Crochet skirt on top


You can find, purchase or order the pieces on top of the ballerina tutus here

Ethnic Dots

Cloche skirt made from grey fabric with black velvet polka dots. Flowers sewn by hand. It has a petticoat underneath.
waist: 62 cm
length: 55 cm.

Polka Dotted Dress

Long dress made from cotton jersey. Golden lace at the neckline and an elastic waistband with an orange bow. (sold)

Serpent Dress

Grey jersey dress with grenish reflexes.

Serpent Skirt

Grey jersey short skirt, with an elastic waistband and an orange bow.

Black Lace Long Skirt

Long skirt made from fine black lace, elastic waistband.

Short Black Lace Skirt

Short skirt made from fine black lace.


 Dark blue wool dress with a ethnic ribbon under the bust line.

Maxi Dress #1


Maxi Dress #2

Maxi dress: orange dock on top separated by a golden lace from the veil 

60's Orange Dress

60's dress with a detachable and reversable collar.

60's Green Dress

60's dress made from green wool with a detachable and reversable collar.

Grey Autumn

 Grey wool dress, with three bows on the chest

Black Skirt

Black wool skirt  with hand sewn flowers