Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Summer of '14

Colourful, joyous, sunny, just as you remember it: SUMMER. It's my favourite season and the reason I put up with all the others...I know sometimes it gets a little too hot in the city, but that is why we can choose to wear smooth fabrics like cotton, viscose or silk. 
So here you have it: my selection for this wonderful season:

Cloche skirt with an abstract colourful print. H&M jacket

Viscose pleated skirt, oriental print


Viscose skirt, elastic waistband


Veil dress, relaxed cut.


Cotton dress, flower print, white cotton lace decorations around the neckline and the hem 

Black and white polka dotted dress, with two detachable bows 

Elegant black and white stripes, cloche skirt, organza petticoat underneath


Polka dots will forever make a statement. It's in their nature. Cloche skirt, petticoat underneath.

Musical skirt. 


Cocktail cloche

Neon zig zag cloche skirt.

Flowered semi-cloche skirt

Skirt and BigBAG. same fabric

Blue cotton cloche skirt, flowers sewn by hand. Furnishings: white cotton lace and red zig-zag

Polka dotted dress with detachable yellow bow

Beige dress, detachable flower

Botanical print veil dress, ruffled sleeves, very delicate and feminine.

Crepe veil dress, delicate ruffles around the neckline and the sleeves. Romantic shades of powder pink, light grey, white and nude make it a perfect choice for both day and evening outfits.